Tuning for the wind

Charlie Moore sent the following question:

Tony, I have read your book 10 times and wonder if, once I have a good node  at 1000, attempting to tune out the wind sensitivity holds water as it does at 100-200-300. Also wonder if tuning to a left or right wind is feasible at that distance. Thanks, Charlie

Dear Charlie

All my centerfire target shooting has been done at 100, 200 and 300 yards. I know nothing about shooting at 1000 yards so I cannot help you with that. Typically I have found that with a very good barrel one does not have to change your tune for different wind conditions. However if your load is shooting flat in very gentle winds I will tend to move to a load that will shoot vertical if the wind picks up. I would rather have my groups measured vertical than horizontal in a stronger wind. Likewise, if the winds changed to a head or tail wind I will move to a load that would provide a flatter group in a calmer condition as head and tail winds will introduce vertical. And I always try to shoot a right-to-left wind, if possible, as opposed to a left-to-right. I find that with an average barrel the bullet will shift more in a left-to-right.



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