About us

About us

Bullet Central was founded by Chris Harris, a competitive benchrest shooter and firearm enthusiast. He has competed in many of the major shooting events throughout the country and represented the United States Team at the World Championships in South Africa, France and this year in the USA.

Terry Harrison, a long time friend of Chris and an accomplished Benchrest shooter, has competed in world championships in New Zealand and the USA. Terry comes from a Gunsmithing family he has been in the firearms industry most of his career. His skills as a gunsmith are well known throughout Africa, he has also been a Professional Hunter guiding clients on plains and dangerous game. His loyal customers that come from every shooting discipline, ranging from target shooting to hunting. In 2013 he teamed up with Bullet Central in the USA thereby brining the finest brands in the world to the African continent.

Bullet Central does not have the largest selection of products, but every product we sell is guaranteed to be the highest quality and is almost always in stock. We are expanding our product lineup every day and each product on this site is carefully selected. Our company adds value to each product by assisting customers with their purchases over the phone, through email and social media.

It is our mission to find the best, not necessarily the most expensive, firearm parts and accessories in the world and make them easily accessible to shooting enthusiasts everywhere.

Bullet Central is the exclusive distributor for Bix’n Andy products anywhere outside of Europe.

We want you as a customer for life. It is our mission to help you enjoy your sport, improve your equipment and develop your skills. Thank you for your business.