The Book of Rifle Accuracy by Tony Boyer (Hardcover)

The Book of Rifle Accuracy by Tony Boyer (Hardcover)

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We have a special relationship with Tony Boyer at Bullet Central (check out our Tech Central page where he answers questions from competitive shooters nationwide) and we are so excited to finally have his book in stock!

Tony is a living legend in the Benchrest community and every shooter can learn from his decades of experience. Beautifully printed with easy to understand language and helpful illustrations, this book is a must for any accurate shooting enthusiast.

From the publisher:

Welcome to the world of extreme rifle accuracy. There is great satisfaction in watching bullet after bullet pass through the same hole in a target regardless of environmental conditions壽觮he ultimate goal of the accuracy shooter.

In this book, the author demonstrates how the reader and his equipment can perform as close to that ideal as technology will allow. These techniques have been learned and perfected over decades of competition, and are sure to benefit benchrest shooters, handloaders and hunters. Moreover, they are well within the capabilities of almost anyone. Those adopting them are destined to become better shooters, and consequently will gain much more from any aspect of the shooting sports.


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