SharpShoot-R WIPE-OUT Accelerator

SharpShoot-R WIPE-OUT Accelerator

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  • Pair with SharpShoot-R WIPE-OUT PATCH-OUT for the fastest, most effective bore cleaning
  • Cleans competition firearms in less than 25 minutes (when used in conjunction with WIPE-OUT PATCH-OUT)

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Accelerator is used in conjunction with WIPE-OUT PATCH-OUT to increase the speed of bore cleaning.  There are a number of special situations where speed and extra cleaning is needed:

1. COMPETITIVE SHOOTERS have limited amounts of time between relays. We now can give them confidence that they can use a Brushless product (Wipe-Out™ ),to clean competition firearms in 25 MINUTES OR LESS, when combined with Accelerator™. 

2. FIREARMS WHICH FOUL MORE HEAVILY. If you own a 50 BMG. Or a 17cal Or a 220 Swift Or a Firearm that has a particular penchant for Copper or Carbon Fouling – you need HELP. There are some calibers that are going to copper foul just by their very nature. The 50 caliber Browning is one of those that guarantees you copper in the barrel in large amounts. Barnes X-Bullets are some of the best performing Big Game Bullets made today. Shoot all the Barnes X-Bullets you want , without fear of the upcoming cleaning cycle. Accelerator™ will really extend the amount of Wipe-Out™that you use because it Doubles the removal amounts of these trouble makers. You might just be cleaning up an old Military rifle with more than 60-70 years of uncleaned build-up.

3. BREAKING IN A BARREL. During break-in of a barrel it is normal to clean the barrel every few shots for at least the first 100 to 150 rounds. Accelerator™ will reduce the wait time for cleaning to 15 minutes or less between shots. The color indicators in the Accelerator™/ Wipe-Out™ combination will also tell you if you can increase the number of shots in a string. If you get no brown or blue color on the patch, you can add another shot to the break-in string. (We don’t usually go more than 5 shots in a string) Less time spent in a task that comes close to drudgery.

4. WORKING UP RELOADS. The only way to tell if you are getting the Ultimate Accuracy out of that new load you are developing, is to have a clean barrel to base your work on. Clean barrels produce great groups !

5. HIGH VOLUME SHOOTERS. Whether it Chucks in PA, Gophers in California, or Prairie Dogs in Wyoming; ALL THESE SPORTS ARE HIGH VOLUME SHOOTING. TheAccelerator™/ Wipe-Out™ combination will add more hours of pleasurable shooting, and less time cleaning.

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