SharpShoot-R PATCH-OUT

SharpShoot-R PATCH-OUT

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  • Swab through the barrel and let set to dissolve all types of fouling
  • Color indicators show fouling type (Metal fouling is navy blue, Powder fouling is grey or black, Carbon is tan or brown.)
  • The most effective product on the market. Used by competitive shooters, gunsmiths, law enforcement and countless others in the firearm industry.

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Sharp Shoot R™ Precision Products® created WIPE-OUT “PATCH-OUT”™  to be used as a non-aerosol improved version of the “original” Wipe-Out™ Brushless Bore Cleaner. The product is an answer to a problem where the shooter likes to use conventional methods of bore cleaning liquids. It is easy to use and is considerably less messy. 

The recommended use for WIPE-OUT “PATCH-OUT™ is to apply it to a patch or a mop push it thru the barrel and let it set to dissolve the fouling from the barrel.

While this product has been designed to be totally brushless, it can be used with a nylon brush to produce a thick lather.  Allow it to set as per original instructions for faster results.

“PATCH-OUT” ™ has been designed to be a maximum strength product. In our testing we found that “PATCH-OUT” ™ was capable of dissolving more fouling than any product currently on the market.

Our tests show that using WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ in combination with PATCH-OUT ™ will effectively dissolve twice as much fouling.


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