Bedding The Action with an Aluminum Bedding Block

Frank S. Ross Jr. sent in the following question: 

Mr. Boyer, When you buy a BR stock predesigned for your barreled action, with aluminum bedding block. Sir, do you think it’s necessary to bed the action?

Dear Frank,

You do need to bed your action/receiver even if your stock is supplied with an aluminium bedding block. However well the manufacturer of the stock has machined the bedding block and stock they cannot get it to fit the action as close as is needed for the repeatability required in target shooting. A stock should be epoxy bedded even if it is used for hunting but due to the nature of a sporting rifle, it is not necessary.

When you epoxy-bed a stock with an aluminum bedding block you typically only need to apply a thin coat of your chosen epoxy compound. It is essential that the action and stock are neutral with each other. Do not use the action screws to hold the receiver in place. Use cable ties or something that will not distort either the receiver or stock.

JB Weld and Devcon steel work well but there are no doubt plenty options available on the market.



Frank’s submission was chosen as the question of the month, so he received a free bottle of SharpShoot-R PATCH OUTin the mail. Congratulations Frank!

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  1. Mr. Boyer,
    Thank you “vcomery” much for the can of Patch-Out. From your picture
    you look like a good person, and someone I would like to learn from.
    I’m going to find your book, purchase and study your information.
    Thank You Again, Mr Boyer!
    Your Friend

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