Bedding Recoil Lug and Chamber area of Barrel

T.W. Hudson sent the following question:


I have read everything I can find in books and on the web with regard to the bedding of the recoil lug and the chamber area or first couple inches of the barrel ahead of the lug.  Many conflicting opinions expressed by successful smiths.

How do you bed the lug and barrel?
T W Hudson

Dear Mr. Hudson,

First I must state that ever since the 1970’s I have never bedded a Remington action. I have always glued them in the same as I do a benchrest rifle. I do put back the action screws but with a very light torque, just enough to hold them in place. I always leave the barrel completely free floating forward of the recoil lug. When I did bed Remington actions I made sure that the front sides and especially the bottom of the recoil lug were clear of the bedding. This can be achieved by using layers of tape.



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  1. Tony,

    Thanks so much for the advice. I wanted to get your input before I milled out the bedding in the chamber of my 6.5×47 Lapua. I did the lug as you do so I am good their.

    Best Regards and good shooting!

    T W Hudson

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