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Bedding Recoil Lug and Chamber area of Barrel

T.W. Hudson sent the following question: Tony,  I have read everything I can find in books and on the web with regard to the bedding of the recoil lug and the chamber area or first couple inches of the barrel ahead of the lug.  Many conflicting opinions

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Does uncleaned brass affect accuracy?

Jim Scott sent the following question: I have wondered about this for some time and am not a competitive shooter, but like to shoot the smallest groups possible.  Given that brass of any caliber is manufactured to exacting standards, the case capacity should be the same in each

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Starting out new at Benchrest Shooting

Patrick Kennedy sent the following question: Mr. Boyer, If you could give any advice for a shooter starting out in Benchrest shooting, and wishes to make it to the top, what would that be? Dear Patrick, I would suggest you get a good gunsmith and spend lots of

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Tuning for the wind

Charlie Moore sent the following question: Tony, I have read your book 10 times and wonder if, once I have a good node  at 1000, attempting to tune out the wind sensitivity holds water as it does at 100-200-300. Also wonder if tuning to a left or

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Bedding The Action with an Aluminum Bedding Block

Frank S. Ross Jr. sent in the following question:  Mr. Boyer, When you buy a BR stock predesigned for your barreled action, with aluminum bedding block. Sir, do you think it’s necessary to bed the action? Dear Frank, You do need to bed your action/receiver even if your stock is

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